About us


Gaudi Bike Tours is the project of three international amigos who combined their knowledge of Barcelona tourism with their admiration of Antoni Gaudi, to create the most complete introduction to the architect out there.

Our goal was to create the ultimate look at the life and legacy of a genius, and we soon realised that the most practical means to connect the architectural dots was the electric bike.

Few people have left their mark on a city, like Antoni Gaudi has on Barcelona, and while other tour companies tend to lump the architect into a general tourist programme, we wanted to go deeper, and explore the lasting impact his vision has had on the Catalan capital – a city now considered one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world. 

On our tours, we not only visit all four of his major monuments in Barcelona, but we discuss the vital roles that his Catholicism, his Creativity and his Catalan national identity played in forging his vision, that still dominates Barcelona’s architectural aesthetic today.

We are able to deliver on this mission statement thanks to the passion and knowledge of our amazing team of tour guides, who share our wonder of his work. You can meet some of them, below..

We look forward to meeting you in person in Barcelona! 



With a PHD in medieval history, Cornel knows all about Barcelona from its time as the City of Counts, through to the industrial revolution and the transformative times of the Catalan renaissance. Outside of tourism, he enjoys fencing, acro, hiking and RPGs.


Òscar grew up in Sant Cugat, a nice town next to Barcelona. He is a musician and a history freak. After a short stay in Amsterdam, he came back to live in this big Mediterranean city to be closer to his family, friends and to nature, as he enjoys biking and hiking in the countryside. He also loves to cook, play chess, write poetry and watch cinema.


Born in Serbia, Milos has called Barcelona home for nearly two decades, during which time he has worked simultaneously as an architect and tour guide. When he's not behind his desk, he loves transmitting Barcelona's unique energy to his guests.